Top Websites to make over $100 per day

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In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular and genuine website that you can work with to make a good sum of passive income just by doing part-time work. So, let’s get started.
  1. Amazon Associates: Amazon Associates is an affiliate program run by Nowadays, Amazon Associates has become one of the most liked platforms to make money online. On this program, all you need to do is to promote the products available on Amazon website and in return of which you will be paid commission. It is a very popular and easy way to make money by promoting other’s products because, in this method of generating revenue, you do not need to keep an inventory of your own. You just have to promote the products available on the Amazon website and you can earn a commission for that. You can promote on any platform where you can drive traffic to sell the product. The most popular platform is a blog or youtube where you can talk about the review of the product with your unique URL code provided by the Amazon Associates program that will function as an identity for you to tell that sales or sale leads have been generated by you. 
  2. Google Adsense: Google Adsense is an advertising platform owned and managed by Google. It is the most common way to make money online among online entrepreneurs. To start earning money from Google Adsense, you have to start blogging or a youtube channel where you have to create your content to drive traffic. Once traffic starts coming to your blog site or youtube channel, you can sign up for the Google Adsense account. After you sign up, Google team will review your website to check if you have fulfilled all of the guidelines to be followed for the final approval to run ads on your sites. Once your Google Adsense account gets the approval, you can start running ads on your blog or vlog and start earning money. You can click here to know how to get Google Adsense approval easily.
  3. Youtube Channel: Youtube is the second largest search engine owned by Google. Nowadays, people have preferred to watch a video to get information about the topic of their need. People are shifting from reading a textual blog to youtube, and hence youtube is constantly growing and has become one of the largest ecosystems on the internet. You can create your video content on the topic of your interest and passion to drive traffic to watch. When you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch history in the last one year, then you can monetize your youtube channel with Google Adsense and earn huge amount of money. Apart from monetizing your youtube channel with an advertisement, you can get sponsorship to do their product endorsement to get paid. Youtube is becoming the largest ecosystem on the internet to develop a career in. Apart from just earning money, youtube is equally good for name and fame. You can present your opinions to millions and billions of people online, and that’s just in audio and visual form.
  4. Upwork: Upwork is a site that provides you with an opportunity to work online to earn money from it. There are varieties of works available on it ranging from virtual assistance, marketing, writing, design and so on. It’s is a very popular platform to do freelancing to make money fast. All you need to create your lucrative profile on this site that could attract clients to hire you to work for them. Literally, you do not need anything to start working on Upwork to get paid. The only thing you need is will to work, interest, and passion in what you are doing. 
  5. Survey sites: There are a number of survey sites where the people and corporate world post questionnaires to know about the people’s opinions to make strategies for their work and business. Such survey sites, pay money to the people who help to answer the questions posted there. Some of the most popular survey sites that genuinely pay for answering the questions are MySurvey, Swagbucks, InboxDollars, Global Test Market, etc. You can sign up for any one or all of these sites to start earning money by answering their questions.

How to earn money from Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine owned by Google. Youtube helps to present your idea to the audience in the form of video. As we know nowadays the attention span of people is decreasing day by day and they prefer to get the information that they are looking for in the form of audio and visual rather than in textual form. Video is more successful also because of the fact that there is an audio and visual effect. As you know people earn money from their blog in different ways like by activating Adsense, from affiliate marketing and so on. Likewise, you can earn money from the youtube as well in the same ways you earn from your blog where you will be presenting your content in the form of video unlike in text form like in blogging.
In this article, we are going to learn about the different steps to be fulfilled to earn money from youtube.
  1. Content: You can create different types of video contents for your youtube channel depending upon your interest, passion, and curiosity. Some of the niche to create your video contents that are considered to be the most popular are music, comedy, entertainment, education, gaming, etc.  You can choose any of these niche and even other than these but one thing to always keep in mind is that you be passionate in the niche of your choice because only the passion is the key factor that keeps you motivated in doing your work on growing your channel. You should always maintain consistency in uploading videos to keep your audience engaged on your channel. Therefore, interest and passion is the must to succeed as a YouTuber. When it comes to choosing the language, then it is recommended to analyze your viewer and targeted audience. You can create your video contents in any language according to the need and demand of the viewers.
  2. The next thing is to add value in your viewers through your content. You should always ask yourself what value you are going to add in your viewer that will trigger their interest to watch your video till the end. You should always survey and try to know if your content is fulfilling the purpose behind creating the video. 
  3. Resource: There are some particular resources that you need to be a professional blogger like camera, editing software, and lighting. However, you should never demotivate yourself or delay in starting your work to grow your channel just because you do not have these things. You can even start making content with simple tools that do not need too much money to own. You can even use your mobile phone to record the video if you do not have a professional camera. Likewise, there are so many free editing software like filmora, movie maker, etc. that you can use to edit the videos. Once you have started making a few dollars from your channel, then you can think of buying the professional tools to take your channel to the next level. 
  4. Consistency: Consistency is the most important part to succeed in any work. You should always keep yourself motivated and work with consistency. In the beginning, there could be so many factors like not getting views or response from people that could demotivate you, however, you should always understand the fact that Rome was not built in one day. You should always keep on putting your effort in creating valuable contents, that would definitely help you succeed.
  5. Monetizing your channel. There are a number of ways to monetize your channel once it has started getting enough views. The most common way to monetize a youtube channel is through advertisement. You can sign up for Google Adsense for your channel and earn money by letting you display advertisements on it. Apart from advertisement, affiliate marketing, brand endorsement, product, and merchandise are some of the ways. 

How to create a stunning digital product that makes money

What is a digital product?
As we all know business is all about selling something for money. That can be anything tangible, intangible, physical or not physical. Tangible products include the physical inventories and intangible can be something like service rendered to the customers to generate money out of it as a service charge. Like all of these things, a digital product is also something that can help us to generate a good amount of revenue. Unlike the physical product, a digital product is a property that exists in the form of electronic product, that can be anything like videos, pdf files, images and many more stored in our hard drive or elsewhere that have potential to help us generate money from it in a variety of ways.  

Why digital products are highly profitable?
Digital products do not have any physical forms. They exist in electronic forms and are stored in our hard drives as said earlier. The fact that makes digital products so much profitable in comparison to other products is that digital products can be sold for infinite times once they are created. The effort put one time in creating a digital product can help us to make money forever. The cost of production is also very low and sometimes even do not cost any money. 
The two factors that make a digital product of high profit are as follow:
  1. No cost on promotion except the cost of hosting the website where these digital products are demonstrated for sale.
  2. Almost 100% profit margin since it is very negligible or nearly no cost of creation.
What industry to go to in digital product?
There are a number of different kinds of digital product that we can choose as our niche of business according to our interest and expertise. We can sell a digital book (e-book), video courses webinar and so on.

Things to remember to succeed in the business of digital products
  • Never create or promote any digital product that does not add value.
  • Since there is no recurring burden of creating the product unlike that of the physical products as digital products can be sold, again and again, we should concentrate our effort in promoting and marketing the product.
  • Create something that you could be proud of. Never bring any product just with the aim to generate revenue out of it. Your full dedication and concentration should be on adding value to the market and in your reader. Once you are able to make your readers realize that values are being brought by your product into them, they are very near to your goal.
  • You can survey in to find out the need and interest of your readers. There are so many survey tools in the market like survey monkey that can be used for surveying. You can create the list of questionnaires that you want to know from the audience before launching your products.

What is E-Commerce and what are the advantages and challenges of E-Commerce

What is E-Commerce?
The term E-Commerce stands for electronic commerce. Therefore, E-Commerce is defined as any sorts of transactions that occur through electronic media. At the present time, electronic media is primarily referred to as the internet. As we know that the use of the internet and mobile phones are increasing every day, and therefore most of the business in the world is being digitalized with a purpose to do the business in easier ways and to present it at the global level which ultimately helps to increase the revenue of the business more than any other conventional ways of doing business. Such a concept of doing business and transaction on the internet is known to be E-Commerce.
Seeing the growing use and crazy of internet and technology, it is clear that E-Commerce is the next business model that would be leading the world of business.

What are the advantages of E-Commerce?
There are a number of advantages of E-Commerce over the conventional method of doing business that has continuously been attracting the attention of the entrepreneurs.
  • It helps to increase sales by helping to present business on the global platform. Through the help of E-Commerce, merchants can sell their goods to anyone in any corner of the world with negligible or no cost.
  • As E-Commerce has an online presence, business is always on the operating mode. Costumers can order for their goods of choice at any convenient time 24/7.
  • Since the business is presented on a global level, there is a windfall gain of customers if proper keyword selection and positioning are taken into proper consideration.
  • Most of the operational steps of business in E-Commerce is are controlled and driven by technology which ultimately helps to reduce the operational cost.
  • Here all of the transactions are data-driven which ultimately helps in bringing repeatability and scalability in the business. All of the records of the customers are stored there on the website of the business which helps the merchants to send notification about any products or features that help to trigger the interest of the customers and tries to convert a potential customer into an actual customer.
  • It is easy, fast and effective to do digital branding that helps to take the business to the next level.
  • In E-Commerce, a merchant can present their goods and service in the entire world and it helps to bring profitability and scalability in the business.
  • All of the operational steps are managed and controlled by technology, it does not need to be a highly skilled employee to look after the business and the more interesting thing is that it could even be remotely managed.
What are the challenges of E-Commerce?
  • In E-Commerce, the website of the business is literally considered to be the inventory house of the business. Therefore, the site of the business is only the platform that can provide the platform for communication between customer and merchant. Hence, the site is the must to run an E-Commerce business. However, sometimes such sites of the business crash for some specific reason like technical or any other.
  • Unlike in physical selling, customers cannot see or use the goods before they actually buy. Therefore, it is very important for the merchant to give optimum care in the graphic, image, and positioning to grasp the attention of the customers.
  • In the case of using the third party market place (site), there is limited access and control to what you can do. For example, if you are using Amazon, eBay or any other market place, then it is their will what to show and what not to show. The owners of the market place have sole right on how to control and manage the data.

How to make money online with digital real state in 2019

We all are living in the everchanging world. The things that were very popular and relevant a few decades backs have become irrelevant and obsolete. When it comes to money and business, in the twentieth and the century before the twentieth, it was industrial age. At that time only the industries were the ways to earn huge amount of money. You would have to either own goods manufacturing industries or had to be employed in some higher position of the company. But now, the time has been changed. The things that were relevant in the past have become obsolete now. The ideas that were proven to be the best way to earn money and develop a career to have become ineffective.
Here is a list of recommended articles that are worth reading!

In today’s time of the 21st century, people have to start doing everything doing by the use of sophisticated technology. The ever growing trend of information has been revolutionizing the world. We can see that in the past, it was taking decades of time to earn millions and billions of money from the business but nowadays due to advancement in the information technology, people are making millions and billions of revenue within a few years only. If we talk about Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Facebook, Twitter, and other many e-commerce and social media site, all these sites have already been worth billions of dollars. The things that have been a reality today, were not even imagined a century ago.  From all these things, we can easily understand how powerful the internet and digitalization has become. Such a revolution in information technology has made the entire world a global village. Now the internet has provided as space and platform that we can use to sell our products and ideas in any corner of the world online. The idea developed in one continent is being used across the sea and that is online. We are able to watch and show live broadcasting of anything we want. All these things were not even in imagination in the past before one century. We can proudly say that we are the luckiest generation ever in the history of the world. Therefore, we must use such privilege to make our fortune online.
The concept of making money online from the digital real state is meant to do the business online by the use of the power of the internet. Nowadays every business must be on the internet. As we know that the main purpose of opening a business store is to sell the product through it, however, if we do not put our business on the internet and just depend on the physical store, then we are losing a lot of potential customers from the whole we could earn dollars. By putting our business on the internet, we can make the entire world our potential customer. We can grow our business at the fastest rate ever by digitalizing that.
There are two ways to own digital real estate. One is by creating it and the next is by purchasing. if you already know how to create a digital real state, then it is awesome otherwise you can either learn to create your own or can buy from others. If you create by yourself, you can get it for a lower cheaper price that would make it even more profitable when you sell that.
There are different ways to make money online like Ads, affiliate marketing, selling your own products, e-commerce.
There are websites like where you can purchase online real state. When you purchase an already running business, then you just have to work on growing it and to keep it updated. You should work on adding value to your online business so that you can earn more and more money out of it. The main thing that is considered to be the value and worth of online business is its trust, authority, and traffic. You should always be committed to developing the trust and authority of your business. You can invest money to advertise your business so that more people would know about its existence and value. As much traffic you could generate on your online real estate so much will be its worth. You can use the tools like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media to increase the value of your real state to make more profit out of it. Online Real Estates are so much value that they have the ability to make you a millionaire, and even billionaire if you devote yourself to it with the right strategy and high work ethic. Some of the most expensive online real estates are Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and so on.