What are cryptocurrency? Pros and cons of cryptocurrencies.

Any person, institution, and country in the world need a currency to fulfill its basic needs and to promote mutual transactions that it can use it smoothly. Therefore, each country has its own different currency such as the dollar in America, pounds in Europe and so on. Actually, it is a physical currency that you can see, touch and use it in any place or country as per rules. But cryptocurrency is different from that which is a digital currency. You can neither see, nor touch because cryptocurrency is not printed in physical form. Hence it is called virtual currency. In the last few years, such currency has become quite prevalent.
A cryptocurrency is a currency built on a computer algorithm. It is an independent currency that has no owner. This currency is not under the control of anyone authority. Just like rupee, dollar, euro or other currencies, this currency is not operated by any state, country, institution or government. It is a digital currency for which cryptography is used. Usually, it can be used to purchase goods or buy a service.
You should know that the first cryptocurrency started in 2009 was “bitcoin”. It was built by an engineer named Satoshi Nakamoto from Japan. Initially, it was not so popular, but gradually its rates started skyrocketing, which made it successful. If seen, there are about 1000 types of cryptocurrency in the market from 2009 to the present time, which act as a peer to peer electronic system.
What are cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin
Apart from Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies are available in the market which is being used more nowadays, such as Red Coin, Sia Coin, Cisco, Voice Coin, and Monero. Let us now know some important things about them: –
  1. Red Coin:– Apart from Bitcoin, there are many other cryptocurrencies that can be used on special occasions, one of which is “Red Coin”. It is used to tip people.
  2. Sia Coin: – Sia Coin is denoted with SC. This coin is growing well. The price of this coin may increase even more.
  3. SYS Coin (Cisco): – is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that offers zero cost financial transactions and incredible speed. Business Asset Digital Certificate provides the business with the infrastructure to securely trade data. Cisco works on the blockchain which is a part of bitcoin itself.
  4.  Voice coin: – It is a platform designed for emerging musicians where singers can price their music on their own. They can provide a sample track of music for free. Also, you can get support from music enthusiasts and users on the platform. The main objective of this platform is to monetize independent artists.
  5. Monero: – It is also a type of cryptocurrency in which special type of security is used. This is known as a ring signature. It is used extensively in the dark web and black market. Smuggling is done with its help. Black marketing can be done easily with this currency.
Advantages of cryptocurrencies
We know that anything has both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, here we first talk about the benefits of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, generally, we can say that the benefits of cryptocurrency are more and losses are less. First, cryptocurrency is a digital currency with a very low probability of fraud. Secondly, it is beneficial to invest in cryptocurrency when there is more money because its prices rise very fast. So, it is a good platform for investment. Thirdly, most of the cryptocurrency wallets are available due to which online shopping, a transaction of money has been simplified. Fourth, the cryptocurrency is not controlled by any authority, due to which no threat of demonetization and currency depreciation is exposed. Fifth, there are many countries where there is no capital control. Meaning that it is not certain how much money can be sent out of the country and how much can be ordered. Therefore, it can be easily sent outside the country by purchasing cryptocurrency and then it can be converted into money. Sixth, the biggest benefit of cryptocurrency is to those who want to keep their money hidden. Hence cryptocurrency has emerged as the best platform to hide money. Seventh, cryptocurrency is completely secure. Just you need to keep the authentication for it because such currency is based on blockchain. Hence, the entire blockchain has to be mined to perform any type of transaction.
Growth of Cryptocurrencies
If we talk about the growth of crypto currency, then investing in it is a very profitable deal. Today there are about 1000 types of crypto currency in the market and the price of all these coins was negligible at the time of launching. However, in a few years, their price has also reached 1000 dollars. Now take Bitcoin only. When bitcoin was launched, there was a daily transaction of $ 10 million worldwide, in which not even 1 dollar bitcoin was transacted. But today, Bitcoin is being transacted for $ 1 trillion in a week, whereas the physical currency of a week in the whole world is worth about $ 70 trillion. Bitcoin, which started at a price of 1 dollar, has reached a price of $ 1200 today. Therefore, you can guess what the growth of crypto currency can be in the future.
Disadvantages of cryptocurrencies
First, the biggest disadvantage of crypto currency is that it has no physical existence, because it cannot be printed. Meaning that neither the currency notes can be printed nor any bank account or passbook can be issued. Secondly, there is no country, government or institution to control it, which sometimes causes a huge jump in its price and sometimes a huge fall, due to which investing in crypto currency is a risky deal. Thirdly, it can be easily used for wrongdoings such as arms procurement, drugs supply, black marketing etc. as it is used between two people only. So, it can also be quite dangerous. Fourth, there is a risk of hacking it. It is a matter of fact that it is not that easy to hack the blockchain because it has complete security arrangements. Despite this, hacking cannot be ruled out as there is no owner of this currency. Fifth, another disadvantage of this is that if a transaction happened to you accidentally, you cannot call it back, causing you a loss.
Is the use of crypto currency legally valid or illegal?
 The question that comes to the mind of many people is whether it is legally right to use crypto currency or not! Actually, this decision depends on which country you are staying in and using it, because in some countries crypto currency is still not legally recognized, of which India is also one. Not only this, some countries have placed it in the ‘gray zone’. This is to say that neither it has been formally banned nor its use has been recognized. Undeniably, due to good growth in crypto currency, the trend of Indian citizens is also being seen in this direction. Therefore, it is expected that the Government of India will also take some positive initiatives in future.

Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, Libra

What is Facebook’s Cryptocurrency, Libra?

To better understand the Facebook Cryptocurrency, Libra; let us first discuss what actually is a cryptocurrency. So, cryptocurrency is a digital currency operating independently without the involvement of any central controlling unity in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, e.g Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and so on. Here Libra is also one among such cryptocurrency that is put forward by the America social media conglomerate, the Facebook. It is supposed to be managed and entrusted by Libra Association that includes Facebook’s subsidiary Calibra and 27 other across payment, technology, telecommunication, online marketplace, venture capital and non-profit.
At the time of composing this article(As on June 28, 2019), the currency and network do not exist; however, some experimental codes have already been released

History of the Facebook Cryptocurrency Libra

The first reports of Facebook planning a cryptocurrency, with David A. Marcus in charge in came a few days after he moved from Facebook Messenger to a new blockchain division in May of 2018. (David A. Marcus is the vice president of Facebook)
Confirmation of the project that Facebook is intended to launch a cryptocurrency emerged for the first time in May of 2019, at that time it was named GlobalCoin or Facebook Coin. 

Later on June 18, 2019; Libra was formally announced. The first version is intended to be released in 2019.

How Facebook Cryptocurrency, Libra is different from other cryptocurrencies in the market?

The plan is for the Libra token to be backed by financial assets such as a basket of currencies and US Treasury Security in an attempt to avoid volatility Facebook has announced that each of the partners will inject an initial US$10 million, so Libra has full as assets backing on the day it opens.
Libra service partners, within the Libra Association, will create new Libra currency units based on demand. Libra currency units will be retired as they are redeemed for conventional currency.
Initial reconciliation of transactions will be performed at each service partner, and the blockchain’s distributed ledgers will be used for reconciliation between service partners. The intent is to help prevent everyone but members of the Libra Association from trying to extract and analyze data from the distributed ledger.
In contrast to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin which use permissionless blockchain. Libra is not decentralized, relying on trust in the Libra Association as “a de facto central bank”.

The libra will not reply on cryptocurrency mining rather the Libra Association would release as much Libra as needed depending upon the demand of the market and each unit would be retired once they are converted to conventional currencies. Unlike many of the other many cryptocurrencies based on permissionless blockchain technology, Libra will be the permissioned blockchain and every transaction would only be able to be processed through the members of the Libra Association; however, as per the present information out there, Facebook has a plan to go to permissionless blockchain pattern like that of the Bitcoin or others in the next five years time.

Members of the Libra Association

Facebook had previously established the Libra Association to oversee the currency, founded by 28 members in Geneva, Switzerland:
  • Payments: Mastercard, PayPal, PayU, Stripe, Visa Inc.
  • Technology and marketplaces: Booking HoldingseBay, Facebook‘s subsidiary Calibra, Farfetch, Lyft, MercadoPago, Spotify, Uber
  • Telecommunications: Iliad SA, Vodafone
  • Blockchain: Anchorage, Bison Trails, Coinbase, Xapo
  • Venture capital: Andreessen Horowitz, Breakthrough Initiatives, Ribbit Capital, Thrive Capital, Union Square Ventures
  • Nonprofit and multilateral organizations, and academic institutions: Creative Destruction Lab, Kiva, Mercy Corps, Women’s World Banking
The association hopes to grow to 100 members with an equal vote, while Facebook expects to “maintain a leadership role through 2019”.

Everything you need to know before you start investing in stock market as a beginner without much knowledge and experience

Creating wealth is the common interest of we all. The interesting part is that when it comes to making a huge amount of money then the only way that can help is investing in the stock market. In this article, I am going to discuss everything that you need to know before starting to invest in the stock market. So, let’s begin.

Learn the basics of finance and accounting

As we know when it comes to dealing with the financial sector, it is very important to have basic knowledge about finance and account. One must have knowledge about how to read a balance sheet, profit, and loss statements and all. It is equally important to have information about some of the keywords of the financial market.

The financial health of the company

There should be very sincere research and strategic planning before starting the actual investment. You should have a shortlist of the best-performing companies that you want to invest in. You should study everything about the company’s history, performance, team, management, revenue, profit and loss and all. All these factors give a quick analysis of how the future of the company will be.

Research on the macro-factors

There are some macro factors that affect the company indirectly like the location, government, political situation of the country, etc. Location of a has also an important role in making it successful. For instance, a company located in a place where the labor cost and resources are cheap would produce better revenue and profit than the one situated in a more expensive place. The government and political situation of a country are one of the greatest factors behind the success and failure of a company. Therefore, one should study the political situation and the government policies about the business of the company.

Shortlist of the company you want to invest in

You should choose only the best performing company based on the findings of your research and from the long list. You should never invest randomly any all the company without proper research and knowledge of the business you are going to invest in. 
Open trading account and effort to find free brokerage if possible because there are a number of cases where one can get free brokerage and when it’s free then why to go for a paid one

Slow and steady wins the race

You should never invest all of your money at once because there is no perfect formula to predict 100% success of a company. Therefore, you should start by investing a small amount and should constantly keep on learning more about the stock market. In the beginning, you should go for bluechip stocks. Another important thing is you should never make a conclusion based on experts from TV and social media groups.

Have patience

As Benjamin Franklin has written in his book, The Intelligent Investor, the stock market is all about emotional intelligence rather than IQ. Therefore, you must have control over your emotion and reaction towards the market. You should always go for a long term and must have proper idea about WHAT TO BUY, WHEN TO BUY AND WHEN TO SELL.

Never put all your eggs in one basket

You should never invest all your money in a single company rather you should always keep your portfolio diversified but it should not be too much diversified, because another philosophy investment says to keep your eggs in one basket and watch it carefully; however, keeping eggs in one basket and watching it closely is not always going to be the best choice. In the name of diversification, you should never invest in a business that you do not understand and have no or very little knowledge about. 


Where to invest money in 2019

It’s well said that money makes money. The only way to get real financial freedom is to make your money work for you. Since everyone has limited time to work, it’s not practical to become rich and get financial freedom just by working 9 to 5. The only way you can achieve your real goal of financial freedom by investing your money and letting your money work on behalf of you. In this article, we are going to talk about the 7 best ways to invest your money in 2019.
  1. Stock Market: We can not ignore the potential of the stock market to make us rich. There are hundreds of living examples that have proved that how investing your money in the stock market can make you amazingly rich. Among the so many people in the world who have become rich by investing in the stock market, Warren Buffet is the greatest example among all of them. There are so many ways to invest your money in the stock market. You can consult stockbrokers to guide you with all the ways of your investing endeavors.
  2. Real Estate: Real Estate is an evergreen way to invest your money and earn lucrative Return On your Investment. All you need to do is to purchase one or some pieces of real estate according to the amount of money that you want to invest in. Once you have already owned real estates, you can either give them on a lease or can wait for some time and can sell when the price of the market goes higher than your cost price. 
  3. Money Online Investment: There are so many online options that provide you with an opportunity to invest your money online without the involvement of any third party with easy steps. I, myself have been in the field of online investment since the last 2 years, and I am impressed by the ROI and the ease to operate the platform. If you also want to invest your money online, you can click here.
  4. Peer to peer lending: If you have enough money, and you are looking for some ways to multiply your money, then lending the money to the people in need on certain interest rate is one of the best ways to grow your money. Keeping money in your saving account or at your home is really not a wise thing to do with your money because money in a savings account or at home gets depreciation in its real value due to the ever-growing inflation rate.
  5. Career and Self Improvement: Another very important way to invest the money that gives you a lucrative return on the long run is to invest in self-education and self-improvement. There is a popular saying as much as you learn so much will you earn, and therefore you should always invest some part of your money in feeding your mind. You can do some business courses, take training or attend seminars that are being held on the topics of financial literacy. Such investment in self-improvement is definitely going to help you to earn more money.
  6. Side Hustle: Depending on a single income is a very fatal thing. So, people should always try to establish a number of income sources that can support them in case there is any kind of downtime in business, and the best way to create a number of income sources is to invest in some side hustle. If we talk about the meaning of side hustle, then we can say that it is a kind pre-preparation for some kind of future business while keeping your existing business into fine operation. Thus, you can start some kind of side hustle while running your existing job or business. Such side hustle will help you either to scale your business or to add some new sorts of business along with the existing one.
  7. Cryptocurrency: The world is being digitalized. Cryptocurrencies are the digital currencies that do not have any central controlling unit and it is one of the fastest growing online payment systems. There are so many different kinds of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and so on. Among all of these, Bitcoin is the king of all. Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that came into existence in 2009. At the time it came into existence, its value was merely a few cents per Bitcoin which come to hit the lifetime highest value of almost $20000 per Bitcoin in 2017.  Now you can guess yourself that how much potential does Bitcoin have to grow your wealth. If you understand the market and invest wisely, you can get an exponential return on your investment. The only thing that you need to understand is that it a very volatile currency that it often fluctuates its value. It is recommended to understand the market and invest in cryptocurrencies and particularly, the Bitcoin among all of these because it has a very high potential to give bring exponential growth in your money.
  8. Invest In Your Health: We all know health is wealth. We can only work and focus on our business when we are fully healthy. If there is any kind of illness in the body, then it would directly impact the business that is already into operation. Therefore, we should always invest some part of our money in the improvement and sustaining our better health. For this, you can join a yoga class or gym, can invest in a better diet that would ultimately help keep you fit and fine, always in condition to keep yourself able to focus on your work to grow your wealth.

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What are the modes of payment on MoneyOnlineInvestment
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