How to Write An Awesome Blog Post In Less Than One Hour

When it comes to writing a blog post, two things are the most crucial to care for the actual success that we all want to get as a professional blogger. The first thing is the quality of the content and its usefulness to the readers. Every content on a blog post must be written keeping the user in the central. The content must be able to grasp the attention of the readers and keep them engaged for a longer time. The second most important thing to care about is the time to write that particular blog post. To succeed in the field of blogging, we have to write and publish tons of content to drive huge traffic for monetization, and hence we must be able to complete writing a blog post in as less time as possible to make it more profitable and economical. The interesting part here is that it is not so difficult to write high-quality content in less time as some people think. 

“Whether you think you can….or you think you can’t – You are right”, This is a popular quotation by Henry Ford.

 Hence, you can write high-quality content in less time than usual if you move ahead with a positive mindset. In this article, we are going to discuss the exact tips and tricks to write a perfect and awesome blog post in less than one under the following headings.

  1. Pre-plan the topic that you want to write a blog post on
  2. Attractive Heading
  3. Research to find the information
  4. Divide the main heading into subheadings
  5. Write contents to fill the subheadings
  6. Use conversational mode in writing
  7. Choose a particular niche of your interest and keep it educational
  8. New and relevant information
  9. Leverage media format
  10. Use more bullet and listing rather than paragraph
  11. Use software like Grammarly to avoid writing errors
  12. Do not stop writing for any reason 
Now let us talk about each of the above-enlisted topics in detail.
  1. Pre-plan the topic that you want to write a blog post on:- Pre-planning of the topic that we want to write up about is one of the most important parts of blogging. It gives our mind our subconscious mind to develop more detail and critical ideas related to it. More particularly, it helps to save time by helping us to jump into our actual job of writing about the topic without the waste of any extra time.
  2. Attractive Heading:-  Success of a blog if fully dependent on how well it is able to grasp the attention of the readers. According to many surveys, it is found that most of the reader enter the body of the write up only if they are really attracted by the headline. Therefore, the heading must be so attractive that it could keep the readers engaged in writing the post and give them the feeling to come back again. This is the main mantra of success in every kind of writing and particularly in blogging, the subject of our discussion here.
  3. Research to find the information:-  All the readers want new and relevant information in the blog. It irritates the readers when the information given in the blog post is outdated. Therefore, it is the most crucial part of writing to give only up to date data, facts, and statistics. Doing so gives trust among the readers and lure them to come back again.
  4. Divide the main heading into subheading:- Dividing the main heading into smaller heading makes the write up easy for the reader to understand the thing that the writer wants to express. It also provides an easy path for the readers to jump into the subheading of their interest and need easily without losing any time.
  5. Write content to fill the subheading:- As it is said earlier that the main heading should be divided into subheading to make it easy for the reader to understand. Now can conclude that dividing the main heading into many small heading does make it easy not only for the reader but it is equally beneficial for the author itself because dividing the main heading into the subheading, helps the writer to gather more information on the particular topics in the more appropriate order
  6. Use the conversational mode of writing:- Here conversational mode of writing means writing in ‘you’ and ‘I’ format. It helps to develop a kind of bond between the author and the reader and hence keep them more engaged. Such writing attracts the readers to come back again.
  7. Choose a particular niche and keep it educational:- Niche means a particular category among different varieties of topics. As it is said that no one can have deep knowledge on all the things of the world, and therefore, it is always recommended to stick to research and write on any particular category( Niche) of interest. It can be anything like health, education, money, and business, relationship, etc. Sticking to a particular niche has one great advantage that it helps the author to stick to any one particular niche to be experts in that. Writing on a particular niche can make you a better writer and the interesting advantage is that it provides you a sense of brand.
  8. New and relevant information:-  The information, facts, data, and statistics of the blog post must be up to date. The new and relevant information helps to meet the need of the readers and build the bond of trust among the readers and the publishers. It also gives the feeling of coming back again and to subscribe to the blog site because new and relevant information triggers the mind of the readers giving them thought about the usefulness of the blog site sometime in future as well. That’s why because of all these reasons, the contents of the blog post must be new, up to date and relevant
  9. Leverage media format:– Nowadays people have a very high trend of attention definite. That’s why if your post could not grasp the attention of the readers at the very first sight, then the chance is that you would miss the reader. Therefore, the write up should contain not only the text matter but the image and video related that particular topic as well. The image and video provide a quick and at a glance information about the content of the post and make the reader more passionate about reading the post. This increase even helps to improve and upgrade the search engine optimization of your blog post as well and the more important thing is that the search engine prefers to rank higher for the post with the media files like image and video. Therefore, the author should give high priority to include the image and videos supporting the idea of the blog title. If you are wondering about where to find the image and videos of related to that particular post if you do not have the one of your own, then please let me remind you that there are so many websites available on the internet that provide hundreds and thousands of image and videos that are absolutely free and the more interesting thing is that they are copyright free. Meaning to say, no one can accuse you of using their copyrighted content or media files.
  10.  Use more bullets and listing instead of the paragraph:- As I have explained in the previous point that the people so attention definite, they do not want to read more lengthy and bulky articles. They are always looking for the information and idea that they are looking for at a glance. Therefore, if you are able to fulfill such kind of need of the readers then I would assure you that you are one step ahead in succeeding your journey as a blogger. So, You emphasis in express the main and important idea of the post in the form of bullets and listing. Here, while saying to use bullets and listing, one thing I really want to remind that you are not insisted to present your entire write up in a point, rather you should write your contents pointwise only where it really suits or you feel points would be more effective than the paragraph.
  11. Use software like Grammarly to avoid probable errors in writing:- If you are cent percent confidence about the correctness of language and write up, then you can even ignore this point, however, I would suggest using because software like Grammarly are really very helpful and play an important role of editor. And you know how crucial is the role of an editor in the field of writing. Therefore, I think that there is nothing that you should not take such an overwhelming advantage of technology that we are blessed with.  If you know any other software that works like Grammarly, then I would highly appreciate if you include that in the comments below.
  12. Do not stop writing for any reasons:– Last and the most important thing that comes in the list to really succeed in the field of blogging is the consistency and your courage to not give up for any reason. You may face some kind of problem or hindrance or frustration that might remind you to switch off your writing journey, but please always keep your motivation bigger than your problem if you really want to succeed and I can bet no one and nothing can stop you from succeeding in your journey.

At last but not least I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving your precious time to read to my write. This means a lot to me. I hope this article would have helped you. Your comments and critique are always welcome. Always trying to keep my readers up to date with new and relevant information is my highest priority ever.

    An Ultimate Guide to Start Blogging in 2019 As A Beginner – Completely from Scratch

    As I have already mentioned in the ‘About Page’ of this site, fortune2020; here we would exclusively be talking about everything from small to big needed to maintain an influensive online presence and the varieties of ways available in the market to monetize our effort so reap optimum profit out of it. Let’s deep into more depth of the subject matter. So, when it comes to making online, the first and foremost thing required is a strong and impressive online presence because any business on the internet can grow only when the sufficient number of traffic visit your website or any social media that you are engaged with your business. There are different ways to maintain online presence available these day ranging from social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, and website/blog. Among all of the options enlisted, the best and most effective way is having a blog or website of your business because with a blog or website, comparatively, it’s more effective and easy to grow our audience by the help of Search Engine Optimization which is also called SEO in short. To really grow our audience to take our online career to the next level, having a blog or website is a must. Therefore, in this very first episode of our online money making strategy, we would be talking about all the steps required to start a blog or website as a beginner completely from a scratch.
    So, let’s get started.
    At the very first, I would like to let you know that there are both paid and free platforms for blogging. If you want to start with a free platform, I would recommend you blogger. It is Google’s product and is available completely for free. But starting with the self-hosted platform is highly recommended because self-hosted platforms are easy to use and have high customer support service with huge functionalities, saying all these, I also would like to make you sure that if you do not have enough budget to pay for hosting, then starting with a free platform like is also not bad and still you can make good amount of money by dedicating yourself towards writing great blog posts. Once you have already started making a few hundred dollars with your free Blogging site, you can shift to the paid one to take your online presence to the next level. Getting started with the free platform like blogger is not so tech- savvy and all you need to do is just to sign up with your Gmail, and you are ready to go for writing blog posts once you have signed up already. Now we would be talking everything about the self-hosted platform. Here the interesting fact is that about 40% of all the websites in the world are on WordPress because it is that trustworthy and easy to use. Therefore we are also going talk about creating our website with WordPress. I have one my another blog that is a self- hosted called medicopost. You can click here if you want to see how it looks like.
    Before we actually start talking about all the steps needed to create a website on WordPress for making money, I want to make it crystal clear that there two types of WordPress. They are

    1. is hosted by WordPress itself and it is not recommended for making money because it is very difficult and needs too much traffic to make even a few bucks.
    2. As I said above that is not recommended, you should start your blog website with which is a self-hosted platform and easy use for making a decent amount of money from it if we put to effort in the right direction with a clear strategy.

    I have divided everything needed to start a bog website into eight steps. They are enlisted below:

    1. Choosing Domain Name 
    2. Getting Hosting
    3. Installing WordPress
    4. Choosing an appropriate Theme
    5. Installing the Important Plugins
    6. Start Writing Blog Posts
    7. Monetize your Blog
    Now let us discuss each of the eight steps enlisted above one by one in detail
    1. Choosing Domain Name: Domain name is the first that comes in mind when someone talks about creating a blog website. It is the actual name of our website that appears in the search engine when people try searching for our website. There is both free and custom domain. The free domain usually comes with the extension of the respective hosting company and it makes the website appearance a lot non-professional and dull. Therefore, it is always recommended to buy the domain name that costs only a few dollars only and many of the companies either provide a domain name for free for the free year or they give with a discount if you host your website with them. There are so many companies to purchase the domain name for like GoDaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator, Namecheap, Hostinger and many more. You can purchase a domain from any company that you find cheaper because the domain name does not have anything do with the name server and website speed. It is just the name that gives identity to your website, however, when it comes to hosting company, you should be smart enough to choose a reputed and trustworthy company with good customer support service. Anyway, we would be talking about the hosting company in more detail in a moment. There are a few things that you should bear in mind while purchasing a domain name. Among them, the first thing is that it should not be too long. A short domain name should always be the top priority. It is much better if it is only one or two words that make it more easy for the people two to pronounce and remember anytime. The second most important thing with domain purchase is their extension. A domain with dot com is highly preferred and popular among the people. Therefore, you should always look for dot com extension rather than dot net or any other national extensions like dot In, dot uk and so on unless your website target is only that particular nation.
    2. Getting Hosting: Hosting is the server that stores all of our files and data of our website and makes it available whenever people search for it. The hosting company has the greatest role in determining the success of any website/blog. It impacts the online presence of a site in a number of ways. Therefore, you should always choose a highly reputed and trustworthy hosting company like Bluehost. Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress. Therefore, your first priority should be with Bluehost and if not possible to purchase with Bluehost then only you should go for another company to host your site. Some of the other reputed web hosting companies other than the Bluehost are GoDaddy, Hostgator, Hostinger, and Namecheap. Next thing to know is about the types of hosting that include Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated. Confusing. Right? Don’t worry! I would explain all these three types of hosting with an example, you can easily understand what are all these in actual. So, here we can compare dedicated hosting with purchasing a whole Condominium where you have much freedom than those people who take just a flat or a single room only. Whereas VPS Hosting is like taking a flat which is more better than a single room and less than the whole condominium. And the Shared hosting is like taking sharing a single room with others. So, from this illustration, we can conclude that VPS Hosting is better than shared hosting a shared on dedicated is the best among all. It is because the dedicated server is like an entire condominium where you have freedom of all kind and you can do everything you want as you do not have limitation to share with any other people.
    3. Installing WordPress:-  After doing the domain registration and sign up for hosting, the next important thing is installing the platform where you want to build up your blog. You can get a number of a different platform like Joomla and many more where you can build up but as per the research, the highest number of blogs and websites in the world are built WordPress because of its high-quality functionality and trustworthiness. Therefore, if you really want to succeed in blogging and want to take your blogging journey to the higher level, then the WordPress is the best platform you would ever get on the internet where you can do every kind of stuff without any knowledge of coding and all.
    4. Choosing an appropriate theme:- The theme is concerned with the appearance of a blog site, that’s how it looks like and truly speaking, the look of the site has the highest contribution in succeeding as a blogger. Your priority should always give a professional look to your site. And the interesting thing is that there are hundreds of awesome themes available for free that can give a stunning and professional look to your website, however, I would always recommend to for a custom theme because a custom theme is of better quality and comes with higher functionality though it has drawback that you need to pay a few bucks to purchase. If you are do not have sufficient budget to afford a custom theme, then you can begin with a free theme.
    5. Installing the important plugins:- Plugins are all meant for increasing the functionalities of the WordPress site. The plugin is the software that we can install and activate to use without any kind of coding. There are varieties of free and premium plugins available that have an overwhelming contribution in increasing the functionalities. However, you should always remember that installing too many plugins on your website may slow down the loading speed of your site. Therefore, it is always recommended to install only the important plugins that you need.
    6. Setting up:- Next step is to set up all the basic elements of a website like a menu bar, sidebar, and the widget. Setting up all these things gives professional look to your site and at the same time, it makes it easy for the readers to find out all the necessary pages and features of your site. 
    7. Start writing a blog post:- After setting up everything, there comes the most important and crucial part of writing the content for your blog website. All the content should be unique, up to date and detail. After reading your blog post, your post must give the feeling of completeness with the information that he was looking for on that particular topic. Before starting the actual writing, you should do keyword research on that topic and all the SEO tips and tricks should be taken into consideration. Doing so, make your blog to higher in search engine easily and thus, helps to drive tonnes of organic traffic to your blog to make it more profitable.
    8. Monetize your blog:– The last and most interesting part is to monetize your blog to make money out of it. There are hundreds of ways to monetize your blog content, but the most common is Google Adsense. It’s is a bit difficult to get the Adsense approval because of higher competition there. However, if we follow all of the guidelines given by Google Adsense, you can easily get Google Adsense. It would not be difficult once you have fulfilled all the required criteria to be eligible. By chance, if your Google Adsense application is rejected for some reason, still there no need to worry about because there are so many alternative companies like Google Adsense, you can apply for them and get easy approval to monetize your blog. You can research on the Internet for other many ways to monetize a blog except with ads. I would write about the other potential ways to monetize a blog in another article. 
    Once you have implemented everything explained above, you can make decent money out of your blogging and can live a boss-free life working just 4-hour weekend.