How to make decent money from a blog in 2019

Is blogging really dead?

Many of the digital marketers are nowadays saying that blogging is already dead; however, they are not true at all. In fact, to say, the field of blogging can never be dead until there are internet and device to use it. The only thing that can happen is some changes and modifications in the way of blogging then it used to be. As science and technology are changing every single day, a blogger must keep him/her up to date with every kind of changes that took place and they should be able to modify their way of working according to the demand of time and circumstance.
As we know, the main thing that is required to make money from a blog is a good number of visitors on it and good content. Along with writing great contents, the blogger should also be wise and active enough to use proper strategies to drive traffic to their blog that could only be the way to make them able to generate revenue.

How to create interesting content for your blog?

The most important thing that makes a blog successful is the content on it. The contents should be engaging and must be able to add some value to the readers. The information presented in it should be up to date and complete. Proper study and research should be done to create contents. Great contents are great assets. To create contents, you can take help from other existing blogs there and contribute to making it even better and up to date. Proper use of informative image and video related to the topic adds extra value to make it more relevant.

Modern methods to increase your blog traffic

If we compare the ways that were available to market a blog in the past with the ways that we have now, we can say without any doubt that it is far easy to market our contents on our site to make it searchable for the audience out there. There are a number of social media that are available these days that can be boon to grow our blog if they are used in the right way with proper strategy. We use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Social media are among the fastest and the easiest way to drive traffic to our blog. The only thing that is needed is to have social media with a good number of visitors where we can share our blog post to get the quick and instant audience to read it. Social media not only help to get easy and fast traffic but also help to improve the Search Engine Optimization that would help get organic traffic later.

Ways to monetize a blog other than just selling advertisements

Once you get started a good number of visitors on your blog, there are a number of ways that you can use to monetize your blog. Many of the bloggers think that only selling advertisement like from Google Adsense or, etc are only the way to monetize a blog but that is the case. There are other so many effective ways to monetize a blog that can help you generate even better revenue than selling advertisements on it. If you think and analyze yourself that what benefits are the people getting who are using your blog traffic to advertise their business, then I am pretty sure that you can better understand the power of your blog traffic that would definitely make you think about applying other modes of monetization. When you let other people show their ads on your blog, then you are giving space to people to make money that you could use for yourself. Instead of selling ads on your blog, I would recommend you to share own products that could be any digital or physical. This could help to generate more revenue than just selling ads. The more interesting thing is that unlike selling ads, you do not need very high traffic to sell products. You can start selling with any number of visitors until the audience is genuine. (Here genuine audience refers to the traffic related to your business or product you sell)

Social Media Hacks that will help make your website and business grow faster

We all know this is the time of science and technology. The craze of information technology is growing at the fastest rate. Social media have great potential in developing your connectivity with the world and to grow your audience you want to engage with. Social Media have become the strongest tool of marketing. You can grow your business and the audience on your website to the optimum level if you have proper strategy and tricks to use social media for your business. In this article, we are going to discuss the social media hacks that you can use to increase the number of visitors to your website and customers for your business.
  1. Facebook: Facebook is the largest social media platform where you can advertise and market your business. It has great potential to take your business to the next level. All you need to know is how to use it properly. In Facebook, engagement is considered to be the most important factor to succeed. Replying to the Facebook comment is the best way to increase and enhance your engagement. You should always try to reply to the comment from your audience. It gives the message that the content is of high value and people can not stop themselves without visiting or engaging with your content.
  2. Linkedin: Another important hack is about LinkedIn. Linkedin is a very popular social media site for the people who are professional in a certain field. According to some of the researches done among the Linkedin user, it is found that people prefer to see short sentences and description on the Linkedin. As I already said that Linkedin users are mostly professional people and they do not have too much time to go through the bulky long sentences and bulky descriptions. Therefore, to enhance the engagement on your Linkedin account, you should always try to maintain and present your profile with short descriptions in short sentences.
  3. Since social media are mainly the means of socialization, they should never try to directly promote your business on it. It is recommended only to increase your socialization by the use of social media sites rather them making the prime purpose of using them to promote your business.
  4. Use of Video Content: Nowadays people prefer to engage with video contents rather than reading the contents in the form of text. Therefore, you should try to present content in audio-visual format rather than describing in paragram.
  5. Cross Promotion of Social Media Accounts: As we know there are a number of social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc that are being linked with business and websites, you can use them to do the cross-promotion of your other sites. Like you can tell people on your facebook to follow you on your Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, etc and vice-versa.
  6. Do not post too often: Posting contents too often on social media might irritate the readers because of repeatedly getting notification about the posts. Therefore, as I said earlier that use of social media should only be intended towards enhancing your engagement with the audience and for socialization purpose only, you should use the social media, keep that point into consideration and avoid posting content on social sites too often.
  7. Pop up exit: You can use pop up exit on your blogs or website to ask your audience to follow you on your social media site. The pop-up exit should be used to display in the proper orientation and it should never disturb the reader from reading your post.

Tip to getting traffic on website without paid ads

Everyone’s desire behind making a website or blog is to present their idea or product to all the people in the world so that they could take optimum benefits and profit out of their effort on the website or blog. The success of a website exclusively depends upon the number of traffic that visits it. The number of traffic is the main key factor that determines how much money you can make from your site. There are mainly two kinds of sources that you can use to drive traffic to your site. They are:-
  1. Paid Method
  2. Free Method
There are so many ways to drive traffic on your site by the help of the paid method. There are so many advertising platforms that you can take help to advertise your site and get traffic, however, paid methods might not be so appropriate all the time. The platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook, etc are some of the paid ways to get traffic to the site but it has some disadvantages in comparison to free methods. The #1 disadvantage is that paid traffic is not considered to be the quality traffic because a huge fraction of the traffic coming from the paid methods belong to the group of people who do not concerned to your niche of blog or site and therefore, such audiences are of no advantage on your site. The second thing is not in the name of increasing your traffic and view, you would be expending a lot of money but later you would see that such traffic is making any positive impact to meet your target. Therefore, it would always be a wise idea to look for the organic traffic which is completely free of cost and you can get it just by following the tips and tricks of Search Engine Optimization.
Among the so many methods of search engine optimization that could help you generate tones of traffic on your site, the keyword research, and their proper selection ranks to be among the best. 

Keyword Research and their proper selection
If you want to see how keywords are so important in getting more traffic, you can visit the Google Search Console account where you have submitted your site and you can see there for what specific word your articles are being ranked or found by people in the search engine. Once you find some particular keyword that your article or post is being ranked for, you can go to Ubersuggest and search for that particular keyword that would again suggest you some more phrases and loop of words that are most probable to be searched in the search engine.
You can insert such keywords in the title and description of your article. This method is one of the best and the easiest method from hundreds of the ways available in Search Engine Optimization.
To learn about Search Engine Optimization in more detail, you can follow the link below:
Everything about Search Engine Optimization from basic to advance

The Best Ad Networks to Monetize your Blog In 2019

The most common and primary motive behind starting a blog for the majority of people is to earn money out of it. There are hundreds of ways that you can use to monetize your blog, however, the easiest and most common among the people is showing advertisement. Now when we talk about showing ads, then we should know that there are two kinds of ways you can earn money by showing ads on your blog. One is by selling direct ads where have to find a potential client and deal with him to show ads on your website to advertise his business. The next way is to monetize via Ad networks where these Ad Networks play a role of a middle man and help to provide a platform for the advertiser and the publisher to meet. These Ad Network manage everything on the behalf of the publishers by taking few percent commission from the actual money that the advertiser pays for their advertisement and give the rest to the publisher that’s is to the blogger who monetizes their site.
In this article, we are going to know about the best Ad Network to monetize a blog in 2019
  1. Google Adsense:– Google Adsense is the product owned and managed by Google. Among all of the Ad Networks available in as per now, the google adsense has been ranked to be #1. It pays very well for its publisher both for CPM and CPC. It has a high reputation among both the advertisers and the publisher with impressive customer support service. Google Adsense has become the first choice for all of the publisher and because of this, there is a very high competition to get the approval for it. Google has set up a very strict guideline that needs to be followed to get approval. If you want to know the ultimate guide to get approval for the Google Adsense, click here.
  2. is one of the global Ad networks with a comprehensive portfolio of advertising technology. It builds products that auto-learn and optimizes to display the most relevant ads and offers, in formats that provide a balance of user experience and revenue, while also providing industry leading user privacy protections. This creates long-term sustainable value and, at the same time, maximizes publisher revenue and provides high ROI to advertisers. is the original creators of the display-to-search ad format, a highly sophisticated method of monetizing display placements by identifying user search intent and displaying relevant search keywords, which lead to the display of search ads bought by advertisers on a CPC pricing model. Advertisers see extremely high conversion/sales through this format, without the risk of having to buy CPM impressions-based media where they run the risk of paying for media with which users do not engage. Hence, D2S enjoys uncapped advertising budgets as it is perceived as a ‘cost of sales’ rather than an ‘operating expense’ from a discretionary marketing budget. has also its own types of guidelines that publishers need to follow to get the approval. To get fast approval, you should write useful and unique content. Your blog should not contain any prohibited content that violates the terms and conditions of the site. There should be important pages like about, contact, privacy policy, terms and conditions (If any). to get the approval.

What is a copywriting and how to become a successful copywriter

Everyday you see on social media and websites of companies tones of articles and brochures with a description of their products and services. Such writing has a very important role in the advertising and marketing of the company to boost its sales and reputation in the market. Such kind of writing is called copywriting. Copywriting is a special kind of writing that requires special skill to write better. The main purpose of this writing is to persuade the people to convert them into an actual sale. 
Good copywriting has an optimum potential to increase sales and to take a business to the next level. Selection of appropriate words and impressive way to present them is the most important part of a copywriting. This is what is needed to master over to be a successful copywriter. As we know that in business, the creation of the product and service is one part but the sale is the ultimate need in order to run a business, therefore copywriting is one of the most important and essential things when it comes to running any business in a profitable way. This is the reason why business always wants to wire experienced copywriter. 
Copywriting is one of the highest paid industry among the advertising and marketing companies. Researches have shown that a copywriter makes minimum $3000-15000 dollars per year, and a good and experienced copywriter earns up to 300K to 2M per year, however, the such huge earning, in fact, does not include just the writing part but they also provide copywriting training and works a copywriting advisor for different business companies.

How to get the copywriting client without work experience
There are a number of platforms where you can apply to get the clients as a beginner. The most common and popular platforms are freelance and upwork. What you need to do is just to develop the basic skills and knowledge in copywriting as a beginner, and then you should always keep on learning new skills and experience on copywriting on regular basis to take your career as a copywriter to the next level.
You should write some samples of copywriting that you can show in your portfolio that would help to build trust and authority between you and the client. Another thing to remember while starting as a beginner is that you might have to work at lower wages in the beginning because in the beginning when you do not have enough work experience and overwhelming portfolio, clients might not hire you for high wage, however, you can get clients for sure if you charge less money than what others are charging actually. Once you have work experience, build up your portfolio, you too can charge more money like others. You should never give up in the beginning through the earlier experience might not be too good. 
To learn more about copywriting and to know how other copywriters are doing, you can be a member of the popular copywriting community. To be more expert with and to make your job easier, it is always recommended to expertise in a particular niche like in health and beauty, money and business, relationship, etc. because it would not be so practical to try to work in all of the niches. It would be better if you become a popular copywriter for few companies, it would be far better because there you would be getting clients on a recurring basis without any extra effort to find a new one.

Here is a list of exercise that you can follow to improve your copywriting skill and to take it to the next level

  1. You should always do a mental exercise to create a new idea about how you can make you can make your copywriting better. Even when you are stuck in traffic, and you see hoarding board with some kind of advertisement, you should always think about how you can make that more attractive and persuasive.
  2. Always keep swipe file or diary with you where you can note if some stunning line or idea strikes your mind
  3. You should always focus on describing the benefits of the product rather than the features because researches have shown that benefits attract people more than the features and it helps to convert into higher sales.
  4. Your writing should not be so junky and creamy. You summarize the whole idea and try to present in a more persuasive way.
  5. Try copying the famous copywriting to practice. Doing so develops learn a lot and a new idea comes to your mind.
  6. Always read your copy out loud. It lets you know if the writing is persuasive or not
  7. Sit in a peaceful environment where there is no any kind of distraction that would help you to concentrate well in thinking and writing better.
  8. Along with writing skill, you should also try to learn about photography and video so that you could include a good image and video about your writing. Image and video are better at drawing the attention of the reader. It would be an extra benefit if you have good knowledge to understand the psychology of people so that you can manipulate them in the way you want. Here manipulation means an ethical one. Never try to trick or cheat your readers because it is the greatest mistake that people in the business. Trust and authority are always your assets. So, never lose that.

The Best Ways to Monetize Your Blog In 2019

One of the most common motives of people behind starting a blog is to earn money out of it. There are hundreds of ways that you can use to monetize the effort that you have made put upon creating a blog. You can make a decent amount of full-time income from blogging and can live a boss-free life if you are really dedicated to making your career in the field of blogging. Nowadays blogging has become one the greatest industry on the internet. The more interesting thing about developing a  career as a blogger is that you can make passive income working just for a few hours a week. There are so many professional bloggers who are making millions of money out of blogging. Huffington Post, ShoutMeLoud, Neil Patel are some of the examples of blogs that are making a really huge amount of money from their blog. The most interesting thing here is that you can also start to earn money like them if you dedicate yourself in the field of blogging. 
In this article, we are going to learn about the different potential ways that you can use to monetize your blog site.  
Here is a list of the recommended article you can read if you want to learn more about blogging and making money online.

The Best Platform To Invest Money Online In 2019

Well! now let’s get started with the discussion about the actual ways of monetizing the blog to make a decent amount of money.

  1. Advertisement:- The easiest and most common way of monetizing a blog site is with ads. There are so many advertising networks available there like Google Adsense, Media. net Infolink, Propellerads, etc. that we can sign up to monetize our blog. Among all these advertising networks, Google Adsense and Media. Net has been ranked as #1 and #2 respectively. Therefore, it is always better to look for google adsense and to monetization because they give high payment and have good customer support, however, because of the high competition in the market for among the publisher to monetize their site mainly with this two site, there is also very strict guideline to be followed to get approval. Therefore, it would always be a wise decision to set up your blog site and the content according to the guidelines given by these companies.
  2. Affiliate Marketing:- Affiliate marketing is another potential way to monetize your blog. In affiliate marketing, you can share the link of product given by the affiliate companies to promote their sales to earn a commission. There is a different percentage of commission that you can get for every single sale you make through your link. For the sale of some particular idea, you can get a commission for up to 75% as like in the sales of digital products like ebooks. In affiliate marketing, you are given with a unique identity code along with the link that determines the sale has been made through you and the company pay you a commission for that.
  3. Selling Digital Product:- Selling digital product is another one of the best ways to make a good profit. You can create your own digital product like ebook, courses, etc. to earn money. The good thing about selling a digital product is that you do not need to put your effort into making another product after of sale of the old one. You can create once and sale it forever to make lifetime passive income. Since there is an only one-time investment and you can sell it forever, you can get a much higher profit than that of selling a physical product.
  4. Webinar:- Webinar is one of the best ways to make money even if you do not have much traffic on your blog. In the webinar, you can either teach people or market and tell people to buy your product where were you can make a good sum of money. You just need to have people, go to your site and register for the webinar and entertain the need and interest of your audience. This is how you can make money from a webinar in your blog.
  5. Sell your own ad space:- Selling your own ad space is the best option to monetize a blog website than monetizing it with the advertising networks. Advertising networks are the middle man between the publishers and the advertisers that take money for its role it plays like the middle man. Therefore, it would be far better if you could find clients to sell direct ad space on your blog site. It would be beneficial for both the publisher and the advertiser as there would be no need for any middle man like the advertising networks.
  6. Review writing:- There are hundreds and thousands of companies who are looking for a blog with a good number of visits to pay for posting review about their goods and services. You can either just provide space to post the articles given by your client or you can even do both the works of writing and publishing. If you do both the writing and publishing yourself, then obviously you can charge more money. What you need is just a good skill of copyrighting and a good number of visitors on your blog. You can charge according to the number of visitors on your site. The main purpose of the review post is to increase the sales of the clients. It is also a kind of advertising. So, it would be the best idea to monetize your blog.
  7. -Sell physical products:- If you have any physical product that you are looking for a customer to sell it, then you can sell that on your blog site to your visitors. You can even make a list of email where you can send a message to about your product to convert those potential customers into an actual sale.

The ultimate guide to getting google adsense approval- Everything you need to know

There are millions of bloggers in the world and all of them have a common motive, that’s to earn money by monetizing their blog sites. There are hundreds of ways to monetize a blog site. Among those ways, earning by showing advertisements on your blog post is the most common way. Now the important thing is that who will offer you ads on your blog to pay you money. Well to understand this, you should know that the world of advertisement is very big and worth billions of dollars. There are mainly to parties in the running advertising company, they are the publisher and the advertiser. Publishers are the people like blogger to show ads of the advertiser to get money and advertisers are the business companies who want to advertise their business to reach their potential audience to see increase their sell. Now, as I said earlier that there are millions of publishers scattered throughout the world and the advertisers as well are scattered throughout the world. So, it would not be so practical and easy for the publishers and the advertisers to meet and negotiate about their business. Therefore, to make it easy, there are a number of advertising networks who play the role of mediocre to between the publishers and the advertisers. Some of the popular advertising networks are Google Adsense,, Infolinks, Propellerads, etc. These advertising networks take a few percents of the money from the advertiser for their role as the connecting bridge between the publisher and the advertiser.
Among the various Advertising Networks, Google Adsense is the company owned by Google and as per today, it is the best and highest paying advertising network. It always shows high-quality ads, pays good money to the publisher and has good customer support, therefore everyone in the world prefers Google Adsense to any other advertising networks to monetize their site. Due to such high competition, it is a bit strict to get approval from it. It has set up some strict guideline to be followed by the publishers to get approval.
In this article, we are going to learn about the same very guidelines that need to be strictly followed to get approval easily.
Here is a list of articles recommended to read!

  1. Age of the publisher should be 18+:- Google Adsense only allows the publisher of age 18+ create an account. If you are a minor and your age is below 18, you can create an account in the name of your parents or any other adult family members. Your payment would be sent in the name of the person who owns the account.
  2. High quality and unique content:- Google always wants high quality and unique contents. You should never use copyrighted content on your blog site. Your goal as the author should always be towards creating the content that could actually fulfill the need of the audience. Blogging should really be focused on adding value on the web.
  3. Use of no adult content:- Google Adsense strictly prohibit adult content. Therefore, you should never keep any adult content that could violate the terms and conditions of Google Adsense.
  4. Doman should be 6 months old:- This is not applicable to everyone. If you are posting high-quality unique post on a regular basis, then this point is not for you. You can apply for approval even earlier. By saying 6 months domain, Google just wants to check that you are a trustworthy, authoritative, and dedicated blogger.
  5. Basic pages of the site:– You should keep the basic pages likes about, contact, privacy, terms, and conditions (if any) pages. These pages maintain trust and authority.
  6. Enough content on your blog site:- There is no exact information about how many and how long a blog post should be to get approval for google adsense but it is considered that to get approval easily, there should be at least10-15 blog posts on your site. When it comes to length of a blog post, then it is said that Google prefers much content in a blog post. So, it is good to write at least 600 words in a single blog post. It is better if you write articles of 1000 words or even more longer.
  7. You must agree to the terms and conditions of the Google Adsense.
  8. Cleanliness of the site:- There should not be any kind of unwanted stuff on the blog site. The sidebar should be clean to show the advertisement.
If you think something is left to mention about, please write in the comment below.

Top Profitable Blogging Niche In 2019

Before starting to explain the actually profitable niches in 2019, I would like to flash a light on the meaning of niche. So, the niche in actual is a particular category among a huge number of categories. As we know that in the world, there are millions and billions of things that we can choose to write about, however, it would not be so practical and useful. Therefore, it is very important to stick to a particular niche to write about in order to make it easy for the author to do the research on the topic to provide with the up to date information, fact, data, and statistics. Writing on a particular niche is not good only for the author but it is equally important to finding an audience for your articles. 
You should choose the niche according to your interest and field of expertise. It makes your journey as a blogger more interesting and easy. You should always remember that interest in the field of your topic is the most important key factor that helps that help you to succeed as a blogger.
There are two types of niches that you can choose to blog about:-

  1. Macro-niche:– Maco-niche is the main category like health and beauty, relationship, business, and money, writing, technology, etc. 
  2. Micro-niche:- Micro-niche a sub-category of a macro-niche. The example of micro-niche can be weight loss from the macro niche health, mobile application from the macro-niche technology, and so on.
Now let’s get started to know what are the profitable niches in 2019
  1. Health and Beauty:– Health and beauty is one of the greatest industries in the world. Everyone is concerned about their health and beauty. They are always surfing on the internet to find out the tips and tricks to resolve their problem with health and beauty or that could be helpful in some other way by getting the up to date information about the health and beauty. There are a number of ways you can use to monetize your health and beauty blog. The most common way to monetize is to earn by showing an advertisement. Another very potential way is to do an affiliate marketing of health and beauty product. Nowadays people are so concerned about their health and beauty. They are always looking for a good product online that could enhance their health and beauty. So, you can monetize the audience on your blog through affiliate marketing. 
  2. Money and  Business:- Another important niche is money and business. People are always looking for the new idea and information that could help them to earn money or to start a business or to take the existing business to the next level. Therefore, if you have knowledge and interest in money and business, you can start your blogging career in this niche. Money and business is that kind of niche where you can target all the people as your potential audience. You can easily get huge traffic if you write unique and useful content that could really help people with their money and business. You can even sell do start webinar to teach about money and business.
  3. Making money online:- We are living in the age of information and technology. Unlike in the industrial age, nowadays people are looking to make an online income and it’s one of the best ways to make money with less effort working just 4-hour weekend. People are searching for different ways to make passive income online. Therefore, you can teach people about how to start online earning. There are a number of ways to make money online like blogging, freelancing, digital marketing, etc. You can choose any also choose any micro-niche like affiliate marketing, blogging, digital marketing, survey and many more to start your blog on.
  4. Travel:- Travel blogging is very interesting among all of the niches. Travel bloggers visit different places of the world and share their experiences through their blog post. In a travel blog, you can write about your experience with the places you visit or you can write about travel guide. Travel guides are also sponsored by different airlines and travel agencies to advertise their business. The travel blog is a very profitable niche for passionate people like to travel and share their knowledge about it to people through their site.
  5. Career:- It has become a very competitive time for the youngsters to choose a proper field to a career in. There is a huge mass of youngsters looking on the internet about how to develop career and personality, hence blogging about career and personality development is also one of the most profitable niches.

Top mistakes that blogger makes as a beginner

To really succeed in the field of blogging, you should move ahead with the right strategy. You must have knowledge about what to do and what to avoid. The basic thing that one needs to start a blogging career is to create the actual blogging site, and the second is to write awesome blog posts to drive tonnes of traffic to your site by the help of Search Engine Optimization. I have already published articles on how to get started in the field of blogging, how to perfect blog post, and everything from basic to advance about how to do Search Engine Optimization of your blogs. If you are want to read, you can get in the link below:

These are the most basic thing to get started in blogging. As there are so many things one must do to succeed in blogging, likewise there are many things that need to be avoided. These are those things that seem to be minor but have a very serious impact on determining the success of a blog. In this episode of my blog post, I am going to explain the top mistakes that blogger do as a blogger or newbie let it be knowingly or unknowingly.
So, let’s get started:

  1. Permalink:– Permalink is the auto-generated URL of the blog post. Such an auto-generated URL comes with a lot of unnecessary extensions like the extension of numbers and special characters. This extension of numbers and special characters make the URL very much user-unfriendly and difficult to remember or to read. Therefore, such unprofessional URL should be edited with proper keywords that would even help in the Search Engine Optimization of the blog post.
  2. Not choosing Niche:- Niche refers to a particular category like blog about health and beauty, relationship, money and business, travel, etc. Choosing a particular niche to build a blog on is very much important because it helps to maintain trust and authority among the audience. It is equally important for the author to do research on that particular topic of his expertise to write up to date in information, data, fact, and statistics. When a blog site is targeted to the audience of a particular Niche, then the reader even wants to back again because he understands you as an authoritative expert of that very particular Niche. Such blogs created on a particular niche helps to convert the reader into subscriber of the blog site. The most important thing here is that once, someone subscribes to your blog site, they become your lifetime potential reader to whom you can trigger to read your blog post by sending them an email notification.
  3. Not backing up your site:- Keeping the back up of your works on blog site is the most important thing. We should never ignore this because there is always a probable chance of losing your site or data for some reason. Thank God! if it never happens. Losing months and years of effort in a second because of any reason is one of the highest grief that can ever come to the bloggers. Therefore, keeping the back up should always be your priority. Even though, your hosting company has assured you that they would be keeping the back up on their server, but still, you should keep your local back up to be on safe side. 
  4. Not maintaining consistency:- Maintaining consistency and regularity with posting a blog post on a regular basis should always be your high priority because it gives a sense of trust and authority to the readers and the search engine. If you publish a post on a regular basis, then the Google algorithm will notice it and it would be a lot of help with the Search Engine Optimization. Your consistency and regularity speak about your work ethic that would definitely be rewarded by your audience and the search engines. 
  5. Not using a persuasive form of writing:– You should always try to read the psychology of your audience and should always write in a persuasive form that is really make the reader feel in love with your writing. Your writing should always be in ‘you’ and ‘I’ format. Such kind of write up develops a special kind of bond between the author and the reader. 
  6. Not creating an email list:- If you really want to earn money out of your blog and are serious about it, then you should never miss building an email list. Making money online solely dependent on marketing and many of the researches have shown that email marketing is the most effective form of online marketing. When you have a list of emails from your audience, then you can trigger their attention to see your stuff at any time you want. Therefore, the importance of email building should never be ignored.
  7. Using the free theme:- Theme is one of the most important things that determine the professionalism and functionality of a website. So, you should always look for the best theme you can get. You should not always run after the free theme. The custom theme is of more high quality than a free one. A custom theme provides super professional look and high functionality to the site, therefore you should always try to use custom theme until it fits your budget, you can subscribe to a custom theme for few bucks.
  8. Writing a short blog post:- It’s is one of the contradictory points you can find. You may feel that if a topic can be explained in short with a few paragraphs, then what is the need for writing to a lengthy blog post? You are right to some extent, but as far as Search Engine Optimization is concerned, search algorithm of search engines like google, yahoo, and bing give priority to the posts with a higher weight. It gives a sense of completeness and up to date. The readers also feel that there must be kind of useful stuff in such a lengthy post. Therefore, your priority as a professional blogger should always be towards writing a long blog post because long blog posts have higher chances of getting a higher rank in the search engine. A blog post should always be focused on proving high quality, useful and unique contents. In general, the length of a quality blog post should be at least 600 blogs and as long as you can for a higher limit. Blog post with 1500  to 2500 words are said to be better from the SEO point of view.
  9. Use of too many plugins:- Plugins are super important when it comes to increasing the functionalities and features of a blog site without the need for any coding, however, installation of too many plugins slow down the speed of the speed. The maximum number of plugins that are recommended for the better speed is up to 10. Also, the installed plugins that are no longer in use should be deleted. Some of the plugins are required for only a few time to do any particular work, in such cases, you can deactivate and delete them once that particular work has been done.
  10. Spamming in the name of developing backlinks:- I have seen so many people making so many backlinks in a very short period of time to rank the article in Google, however, the Google understands such activities as doing spam. Therefore, you should avoid doing any kind of such spamming otherwise your site may be penalized by Google and it may dramatically affect the ranking and authority of your site from google.
  11. Spending so much time on social media for advertising your site:- Yes, it is true that we can not ignore the importance of social media to boost the SEO of our blog post. Social media help to increase the click through rate of the blog post which ultimately helps in triggering the google panda to some extend to improve the ranking. However, there are other so many SEO, that you can focus on for better experience. Therefore, it is always recommendable not to spend a large fraction of your time on social media for advertising your site rather you should focus on other many types of better SEO like keyword research, making user-friendly permalink, managing the media files and so on, such SEO are found to be more effective than the social media. 
  12. Not using good hosting:- When it comes to choosing a hosting company, then only the trusted hosting company like Bluehost should be preferred. Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress itself. It has better speed and customer support system. If the hosting company is not trustworthy, you might face a lot of problems like slow loading, site crash, so good customer support, etc. Therefore, you should always go for a good and reputed hosting company and you should never run after the cheap price. The bad hosting company might be expensive in long run experience.
  13. Not managing media files:- Medial files have a great role in determining the speed of a site. Junky and very big media files may slow down the loading speed of your site. Therefore, you should use plugins like media file size adjuster. It helps to make the site light and easy to load. 

Everything You Need to Know About SEO From Basic to Advance Tips and Tricks

What is SEO
SEO is the abbreviated form for Search Engine Optimization. So, I hope from the terms itself, you would have got some basic idea of what SEO is all about in actual. However, let me dissect and chop the terms to make it even more clear and understandable. Here, the SEO, that’s Search Engine Optimization is nothing but the tips and tricks that are used to rank your published blog post or article higher or even the number one in the search engine like google, yahoo or bings.

Why SEO is Important
From the meaning and definition itself mentioned above, you would have been able to develop some kind of idea about its importance. Anyway do not worry if you have not been able to grasp and the actual idea for why SEO is required, now I am going to explain everything about the importance and need of SEO. Before I let start explain to you in more detail, I would like to give you a question that why someone publishes an article or blog post on a website? I can guess you already know the reason. Someone can give a number of reasons behind it, however, there is only one primary reason and that’s is to attract more and more traffic to visit their site and blog posts. This is what SEO is all about. SEO has only one mission that’s is to optimize the search result in the search engine to drive more and more traffic to your contents. Now you might think that you can get traffic from other many sources other than the search engines. Other sources can be social media marketing of the contents like through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc but let me tell say that social media marketing can give you instant gratification by driving a few visitors your site but that would never be enough to really earn enough money in the long long. To get optimum traffic for immense success, there is no better option than SEO. SEO gives you the highest result with little effort and some genuine tips and tricks. It helps to provide organic traffic huge number that you can get from no other sources. To really work as a professional blogger and to make a career out of it or to make any serious money, you need tons and tons of traffic to visit your blog site and the most important thing is that nothing can help you get that much of huge traffic except the SEO.

Things to remember at a glance
  1. Social media are the inorganic source of traffic which can help you to get quick traffic to instant gratification but it would never be a wise decision to solely depend on the traffic from social media. One thing we can say that we should never ignore the role of social media in SEO because social media are the platform that increases the click-through rate to trigger the search engine to pick up that particular post or article promoted on the social media. So, from this point of view, social media as well have very crucial in boosting the Search Engine Optimization.
  2. Organic Traffic From Search Engine:- Traffic from the search engine is the key to make a blog successful. The more interesting thing is that driving is comparatively easier do it than that of the social media if we use little tips and tricks required. To get the traffic from search engine we do not need to sign up for different social media and neither need to share the post every time and again. What we need to do is to do some keyword research and to use some tips and tricks that I will explain in a minute.
Another important thing to bear in mind is that only appearing in the search engine is not enough. Our priority for always should be to appear in #1 because many of the researches have shown that 90% of the people who search on search engine let it be either google, yahoo or bing; they never click on another page other than #1. Meaning to say, if you fail from appearing in the #1, then you are losing 90% of your potential readers.

Types of SEO

  1. White Hat SEO:- It is that kind of search engine optimization where you do your part of work as a blogger and let the search engines do their parts without telling or forcing them to do anything. Here, your role is just to publish the post and the search engine would search themselves to pick up and rank in google.
  2. Black Hat SEO:– Black Hat SEO is that type of search engine optimization where you force engine or tell them about your post and indicate them to trigger your post to rank higher in the search. It can be done by making developing links and backlinks to other site and vice-versa that helps to develop authority and trust which is one of the most important factors to succeed in blogging in the long run.
  3. On-site SEO:- On-site SEO includes all activities that the author do on the page that could give push up to rank higher. It could be anything like proper keyword selection, captivating title and headings with keywords that appear more in the main body of the post, user-friendly URL, description, use of https instead of http in the URL (https provider higher layer of security for the readers and it develops authority with trust), posting high quality and useful content, and many more.
  4. Off Page SEO:- Off-page SEO includes all the activities that are done outside the page of the website like speed enhancement, correcting the errors, developing links and backlinks, decreasing the bounce back rate and increasing Click through rate (CTR) and many more.
How do Bounce Back and Click through rate affect  the ranking
Bounce back rate is actually the count of how many times people clicked on your page but did not engage there and instantly return back to another page without wasting any time. From the thing like this, the Google algorithm understands that particular page or website does not have quality content that is making people bounce back soon after landing on the page. This decrease the trust and authority from the site. 
In contrast, click through rate helps to build trust and authority with the search engine. When there are so many clicks in less time than usual, the search engine understands that there must be some kind of high quality and useful content which is triggering people to click every time and again.
This is all about how bounce back and click through rate affect the ranking of any site.

Speed:- Speed is another very important factor that affects search engine optimization. Sites with high speed always have a better experience than the low-speed site. As we know that these day people have the problem of attention deficit and they can not wait for a long time for something, that’s is why if the site takes a long time to open then they the readers switch to other sites. Therefore, it is always recommendable to check the loading speed of the site and to look for the exact reason if the site has a very low loading speed. There are so many sites like Gmetric that checks the speed and performance of the website. All the issues leading to the slow loading speed must be found and solved before they really harm your reputation and trust from the readers. Of the major and very common reason for slow site loading may be the type of hosting you are using to host your website. The shared hosting sometime has slow loading problems well so many users are using the same very server at the same time. Therefore, it is recommended to use VPS or dedicated server for a better experience with speed. The VPS server has better speed than the Shared server and the dedication has the best speed among all of these three, however, the only problem is that VPS and Dedicated server are a bit more expensive. If you are really a beginner in blogging then you can even start with shared hosting in case if you do not have enough budget to afford VPS or Dedicated server. Once you have started making a few bucks online, you can switch to VPS or Dedicated server. Another important reason behind slow site loading may some kinds of errors in the site like the presence of links of deleted posts or pages or any other unwanted stuff on your site. This kinds of errors must be found and resolved as soon as possible.